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Nun and Idol Girl - St. ARiA (Ft. REIM & Kouhei)

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Looking for Help with Design!

I’m trying myself as well, but I also have exams coming up and carpel tunnel makes drawing for long periods of time hurt. :C So I was wondering if anyone would like to help? :D I can, do something in return if you like! (not sure what however)

Although it isn’t solid and could always change; I thought that the character could be an eccentric dentist who refuses to treat worms (people) with “horrid” (read: normal) teeth, even though she/he doesn’t get many patients due to crude humour and anger management issues. (which is why she/he took up stress relief karaoke in the pub next door) - I think of the voice bank as a mature woman, since I voiced it and I’m a girl, but if you’re interested in trying - go nuts. I want to see what you got ;D Anything goes as long as it fits the voice and is… interesting and eccentric! 8DD (No crypton-like uniforms here, no sireee!~)

Of course I’m not in any rush~ //relaxed I’ll get this UTAU to youtube one day XDD

Thinking of re-re-naming it to Dr. dEE. (Short for Deeva) Instead of Dr. iNKU; what says you?

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Unlikely things to hear in the House of Lords

Russell: Please welcome our newest member… Lord Voldemort

Oh Russell. 

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Gintama: Kagura | Hilarious faces of Kagura

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UTAU beta tester-san

Would anyone do me a huge favour and beta test Dr. iNKU (mature new voicebank)? I want to know whether it’s easy for others to use and what others think about the overall quality. I’ve done the best I can trying to spot errors and fixing them, but I may be bias in my judgement when making the voicebank. I’d like someone to reassure me that it’s decent and not buggy before I release and stuff. <3 Be as harsh as you wish with your criticism. Pretty please? I—-I can do something in return if you so wish? /blushblush 

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I hate it when Tabby the tablet stops me from drawing just because she can’t pressure /sigh 

Almost as much as when Thomas the Laptopdog shuts down without me saving. Y U ALLL HATE ME INANIMATE OBJECTS.

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The voicebank seems complete now, I’m really proud of it, I’m looking for personality and design ideas however! :D

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LIAR GAME. I can’t wait for the next chapterr~~~

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